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Use the data to tell you how good the continuous waste tire pyrolysis equipment is.

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At present, the common waste tire processing equipment on the market has two types: continuous type and intermittent type. The continuous type has more advantages than the intermittent type. Under the premise of safety and environmental protection, the continuous operation of the equipment is realized, and the furnace door does not need to be opened during the production operation. Closed operation. Next, use some data to tell you exactly how good the continuous waste tire handling equipment is.


First, from the perspective of processing volume. The continuous waste tire processing equipment has a daily processing capacity of 16-20 tons and high operating efficiency.

Second, from the perspective of automation. The continuous tire processing equipment uses intelligent control, with less labor, 1-2 people in a single production line, and low labor intensity.

Third, feed. Automatic high temperature closed feed system, 30 minutes feeding, saving labor.

Fourth, fuel consumption. The continuous tire processing equipment adopts automatic full-closed feeding and slag discharging system, which allows the high temperature to feed or slag more than 200 degrees, which saves time and fuel cost between each two furnaces, and the running cost can be saved by 20%. In addition, the combustible gas produced by the cracking can be used 100%, saving 70% of the fuel.

Fifth, heating time. High temperature feed, no need for 3-4 hours of preheating time, and another cracking time of 6-7 hours.

Sixth, the situation of slag. High temperature sealing and slag, safe and environmentally friendly, short slag discharge time, only 3 hours, carbon black in the process of transmission, after water circulation cooling, after reaching the slag bin, you can directly package.

7. Impact on the workshop environment. The whole system is fully enclosed, the carbon black is packed in a concentrated manner, no dust is discharged, and the workshop environment is excellent.

Eight, the product quality is good. The oil yield is 45-50%, the quality is good, the density is generally around 0.89-0.91, the steel wire is taken out before entering the furnace, without heating, the sales price is high, and the economic benefit is good. According to the data at the end of May 2019, the daily single line day The net profit is about 8,500 yuan (the data will fluctuate according to market conditions).

9. The market prospect is good. It is in line with the "Guidelines for Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Tires" and the "Entry Requirements for Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Tires". The development of thermal cracking technology in the direction of airtightness, continuous, automation, environmental protection and intelligence is a national encouraged development project.

The only thing that is not so perfect is that the continuous waste tire processing equipment has a high cost of one-time input due to its advanced technology and complicated configuration. Although the one-time investment of intermittent equipment is relatively low, it is more cost-effective in the short term, but its economic benefits are generally not in line with the country's long-term development direction. Although the continuous equipment has high one-time investment, high economic efficiency, safety and environmental protection, it is in line with the long-term development direction of the country and is suitable for customers with long-term planning and development.






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