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Detailed explanation of common problems and preventive measures of waste tire pyrolysis equipment

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It is impossible for any mechanical equipment to be completely smooth during use, and more or less failure will occur.

Friction loss during operation or improper operation will cause failure. As far as the refining of waste tires is concerned,

Regular maintenance and upkeep are essential. Since this equipment is a pressure vessel, professional knowledge is required to better operate and maintain it.


Professional regular maintenance and repair can reduce the wear of parts, eliminate potential safety hazards, ensure the safety of equipment production, and increase the service life of equipment.

1. Check whether the safety valve, pressure gauge and temperature gauge are normal. Tighten the reducer, big gear and tug bolts. Check the motor before the machine runs.

2. It is necessary to regularly add high temperature resistant lithium-based grease to the tug, because the tug will be heated during operation. Adding lithium-based grease can reduce tug wear.

It is recommended to add lithium-based grease once a week. During the production process, the tug should dry up and add lubricating oil in time.


3. If you find that the oil output rate of the equipment becomes low, you must first look at the temperature of the circulating cooling water. If the temperature is higher, the cooling effect is not so good. At this time, you should check the reason and increase the cold water to reduce the water temperature.

The cooling effect is good, and the oil output rate will be restored.

4. The quality of the tire will also affect the oil output rate. The tire material of trucks and trucks is better, the rubber powder content is higher, and the oil output rate will be higher.

Tires for motorcycles, electric vehicles, and bicycles are low-speed tires, and the oil output rate will be lower.

Regular professional maintenance can make your waste tire refining equipment last longer and smoother, but these all require professionals to do.

If there is a small problem, it must not be forced to produce, and must be repaired in time to avoid causing greater losses.






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