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Process requirements of waste tire pyrolysis technology

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With the development of society, the utilization rate of automobiles is increasing year by year, and consequently the consumption of tires is also increasing. So how to deal with waste tires has become a major issue. The cracking of waste tires is coming. Today, Hubei Kebos will talk about the process requirements of the heat cracking technology of waste tires.


Kebos  Environmental 3D Map

1 Advanced technology and equipment should be adopted to make the production process airtight, mechanized and automated.

2. Production process equipment of the same nature should be arranged in a centralized manner to leave enough space for inspection and repair of labor safety and health protection and environmental protection facilities.

3. The process design should optimize the process flow, reduce the transfer links, shorten the transportation distance, and achieve the energy-saving effect to the greatest extent.

4. The non-condensable combustible gas produced by thermal cracking should be fully utilized.

5. The heating device should adopt a variety of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating methods, such as flue gas waste heat recycling technology, to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions. The temperature of the heating source input from the heating device to the thermal cracking reactor shall ensure the long-term safe operation of the equipment and sufficient service life.

6. The comprehensive energy consumption of pyrolysis processing of waste tires and waste rubber should be less than 36kgce/t. Refer to GB/T 2589-2008 for calculation method.

7. Ways and devices for the recovery and reuse of non-condensable combustible gas should be designed in the process system. A safety discharge device for combustible gas should be installed in the process system.

8. The combustible gas detection and alarm system should be installed in the process system, and its setting should comply with the regulations of SY 6503.

9. Waste tires and waste rubber thermal cracking production enterprises shall establish a sound raw material registration system, clarify the source and main components of the raw materials, and do not use raw materials with unknown sources or unknown ingredients that may cause equipment damage, environmental pollution or health damage






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