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        Waste raw material oil, waste lubricating oil, waste engine oil, etc. are all waste engine oil. The private treatment of waste engine oil will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, the state encourages the recycling and reuse of waste engine oil. Waste engine oil is extremely harmful to the environment. According to the scientific evaluation conducted by our country, the recovery rate of waste engine oil in my country should be above 80%. At present, the total annual amount of waste engine oil in my country is about 25 million tons. According to the recovery rate of 80%, the recovery rate of waste engine oil should be about 20 million tons. However, in recent years, the actual recycling of waste engine oil in my country is only about 6 million tons, and there are 14 million tons of waste engine oil that needs to be recycled. The resource potential is huge, and it is increasing by a large margin every year.


Brief introduction of waste engine oil evaporation and purification equipment process:

The waste engine oil is added to the distillation reactor for heating, and the oil vapor is distilled through advanced distillation, refinement, flash vaporization and other processes. After the surface oil vapor passes through the condenser, the base fuel oil is fractionated to obtain a qualified fuel oil.

The composition of the distillation, rectification and purification equipment of Copers waste engine oil:

1. Distillation reactor, the material of Φ345R has two types: vertical and horizontal.

2. Distillation tower, including normal pressure type, vacuum type, flash type, is divided into a single outlet and several outlets.

3. The condensing system is divided into horizontal type, vertical type, box type, simple type and coil type.

4. Oil collection system, with receiving tank and oil tank.

5. Vacuum system, vacuum pump, vacuum balance barrel.

6. Waste gas treatment system, recycling and reuse.

7. Flue gas desulfurization and dust removal system.

8. Automatic residual liquid discharge system, which is recovered by vacuum pump and residual liquid tank.

9. Cooling system.

10. Central electronic control system.

11. Heating system.

12. Waste heat utilization system, the heat source of the preheater is provided by the reaction kettle, and it is more suitable for the oil to be heated and flashed.

Copers waste oil distillation equipment has the following advantages:

1. Large processing capacity, automatic continuous production, advanced technology, daily processing capacity of 30-100 tons;

2. The final product can be gasoline, diesel or base oil according to requirements, with good oil quality and good quality control;

3. Fast heating, no sticking to the wall, easy to clean;

4. Safety: Fully automatic submerged arc welding technology, ultrasonic nondestructive testing, manual and automatic safety devices, indirect heating, high safety performance;

5. Unique horizontal design, 100% conversion rate, good efficiency and considerable profit;

6. National patent, unique thermal insulation shell design: excellent thermal insulation effect, good energy-saving effect;

7. The condenser is cooled thoroughly, the oil output rate is high, the oil quality is good, the service life is long, and it is easy to clean.






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