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Waste tire refining equipment manufacturers talk about the classification of solid waste

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What are the classifications of solid waste?

1. Industrial solid waste

Industrial solid waste is a variety of waste residues, sludge, dust, etc., generated during industrial production and processing, and discharged into the environment. If industrial solid waste is not safely treated and disposed of in strict accordance with the requirements of environmental protection standards, it will cause serious pollution to land resources and water resources.

2. Hazardous solid waste

Hazardous solid waste specifically refers to hazardous waste, which has the characteristics of flammability, corrosiveness, reactivity, infectiousness, toxicity, and radioactivity, and is produced in various production enterprises that produce hazardous waste products.

3. Medical waste

Medical waste refers to wastes that are directly or indirectly infectious, toxic, and other hazardous wastes generated by medical and health institutions in medical treatment, prevention, health care, and other related activities.

4. Municipal solid waste

Municipal solid waste refers to solid waste generated in urban daily life or activities that provide services for urban daily life. Including: organic products, such as melon peels, leftovers, inorganic products, such as waste paper, beverage cans, scrap metal, etc.; hazardous products, such as waste batteries, fluorescent tubes, expired drugs, etc.

Different solid wastes have different treatment methods. Kebos specializes in waste tire pyrolysis oil, waste plastic pyrolysis oil, waste oil sludge pyrolysis, oil distillation, comprehensive treatment of medical waste, domestic waste sorting and carbon black A high-tech enterprise integrating deep processing and other technology research and development, manufacturing, and sales to meet the different needs of customers, what do you want to know about it. Please feel free to call for consultation.






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