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Kebos waste oil regeneration equipment has stable quality and advanced technology

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Waste oil (including waste engine oil and waste sludge) has both harm and value. If the waste oil is reasonably recycled, it can not only alleviate the pressure of resource shortage in China, but also reduce environmental pollution, but also create good economic benefits, which can be described as killing many birds with one stone.

In the post economic crisis era, various countries are bound to carry out large-scale industrial structure adjustment and product upgrading, and there will be greater market demand for lubricating oil and base oil. In order to effectively solve the shortage of existing lubricating oil and base oil, countries began to go deep into waste oil recovery and regeneration. With the continuous improvement of research methods and technologies, the practical application and alternatives of waste oil recovery and regeneration are also gradually improved. Through legislation, government subsidies, tax relief and other measures, the waste oil recovery and regeneration industry will develop healthily.


Waste oil recovery and regeneration is a joint effort of the industry. The waste oil regeneration equipment and waste oil regeneration device produced by Hubei Kebos Environmental  Technology Co., Ltd. integrate waste oil recycling, technology R & D and promotion. Since its establishment, kebos has adhered to the enterprise spirit of "breaking through innovation, stabilizing quality, implementing management and improving efficiency", It is committed to becoming a leader in the world's waste oil recovery and regeneration industry.

Waste oil recovery and regeneration equipment is the key main equipment of kebos. It pays attention to technological R & D and innovation guidance, and constructs a R & D platform project for comprehensive utilization of waste lubricating oil, forming a number of advanced research and application achievements. The products include high value-added products such as lubricating oil base oil and asphalt oil, which has broad market prospects. So far, Kebos has more than ten utility model patents. The new vacuum distillation refining technology used in waste oil regeneration has been put into use.

Environmental protection and energy conservation are the main melody of China's economic development. Doing a good job in waste oil recovery and regeneration is to support the national development of low-carbon economy and circular economy. It is something that domestic waste oil recovery and regeneration enterprises should work together, so as to better ensure the stable development of existing economy and politics. In the future development, copos environmental protection technology will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "breakthrough innovation and stable quality", use new technology to develop more advanced and environmentally friendly oil refining equipment on the basis of the original process, vigorously drive social employment, logistics and transportation and economic development, and make positive contributions to social environmental protection.






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