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What is the standard for sludge treatment

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What process is good for oily sludge treatment and what is the standard for oily sludge treatment

What is the standard for sludge treatment? Many people did not understand after reading various articles. Today, Hubei Kebos will tell you about the new standards for sludge treatment.

After the sludge is treated, what standards must be met to meet the requirements? Simply put, the hydrocarbon content in the sludge does not exceed three thousandths and two or two percent. The three-thousandths standard is relatively high. Grade sludge can be landfilled. The sludge that reaches the 2% level cannot be landfilled, and this sludge can be used to make building bricks, etc.


Because the previous standard requirements were not so strict, after the introduction of the new standard, some processes and equipment could not meet the new standard, so many people need to find new processes and equipment to treat oily sludge.

The sludge pyrolysis process has been more and more recognized by end users in the past two years. The characteristics of simple installation, simple process, average investment, recoverable oil and gas resources, and sludge treatment meeting new standards have made sludge pyrolysis equipment and technology popular. Recognized.

At present, the price of processing one ton of sludge in the market is almost 500-1000. The pyrolysis treatment of sludge can earn sludge treatment fees and the sales income of sludge cracking oil. The economics of the sludge cracking process is still good.

Hubei Kebos sludge cracking equipment can process all kinds of refining sludge and oil field sludge. In addition, there are waste tires and waste plastic cracking equipment. Customers are welcome to visit the factory.






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