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waste tyre refinery plant

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Brief introduction of waste rubber waste tire extraction carbon black and rubber oil project

(Waste tire cracking refining equipment)

the equipment model parameters



 Production Line & Process Flow

  Industrial Continuous Scrap Tire Pyrolysis Production Line

  Waste and used tires are shredded into rubber chips in needed sizes, and the rubber chips together with low-temperature sulphur transfer catalyst are continuously fed into pyrolysis reactor through hot air tight feeding equipment.

  ①Feeding System→②Pyrolysis System→③Oil / Gas Cooling System→④Non-Condensable Combustible Gas Scrubbing System→⑤Discharging System→⑥Gas Purification System→⑦Circulating Water Cooling System→⑧Electric Control System


Product Features

  Simple Operation

  Few staff needed, PLC smart control system

  ②Smart Control

  It monitors, collects and processes the real-time parameters of each device and send out relative orders with functions of reminder, warning and automatic adjustment, which guarantees the equipment operate safely and reliably

  ③EU and US Exhaust Standards

  All the emission indexes of the exhaust gas from the production line conform to EEA standards in EU and EPA standards in USA

  ④Low Cost of Recycling

  Exclusive gas purification and heat recovery technology, it uses scrubbed combustible gas as fuel in heat supply system and fully utilizes the exhaust heat, which realizes self-sufficient heat supply without any additional heat source

  ⑤Safe and Reliable Operation.

  Exclusive hot air conceal technology

  ⑥High Quality of Production

  Exclusive non-coking heat distribution technology, it makes the material heated evenly and pyrolyzed completely and ensures to get high quality products

  ⑦Low Cost and Long-Term Running

  Exclusive low temperature catalytic pyrolysis technology, It has low energy consumption and improves the oil yield rate and quality, which ensures a safe, continuous, stable operation for a long time and extends the lifespan of equipment

  ⑧Efficient and Large Throughput

  The real advanced industrial continuous pyrolysis production mode with large scale replaces batch and periodical production mode, greatly improving production capacity and processing efficiency

  Technical Comparison


  take kebos environmental continuity continuation XJ-9 daily treatment of 100 tons of waste tires as an example to do the following economic benefits analysis

  Benefit Analysis (Continuity XJ-9 type)


  Hubei Kebos Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., located in Fuyang City, Hubei Province, is a high-tech company specializing in waste tire thermal cracking equipment, waste plastic pyrolysis oil, oil distillation and carbon black deep processing, thermal cracking technology research and development, manufacturing and sales. Technology company. The company has always been innovating, researching and developing, and its main business scope includes the recycling of waste tires and waste plastics nationwide and even globally.






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