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medical waste incineration plant

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  Basic design specification

  1. Object: Medical Waste (and some industrial wastes)

  2. Capacity: Ten tons per day

  3. Ingredient Analysis: Without ingredient analysis, we’ll consult other factory


  4. Type of Furnace: Microwave Sterilization + Pyrolysis Gasification + Fuel Oil Refining (Parallel Furnace and Alternate Operation)

  5. Effective volume (Pyrolysis Furnace): 40m3/φ2800×7100

  6. Daily Operation Time: 24 hours

  7. Annual operation Time: Over 330days (8000hours)

  8. Gas Amount of Pyrolysis Chamber: 5000m³/h

  9. Gas Output Temperature: 600℃±20℃

  10. Feed Mode: Mechanic

  11. Slag Discharge Mode: Hydraulic Mechanical(less than 80℃)

  12. Burning Efficiency: ≥99.9%

  13. DRE: ≥ 99.9%

  14. Oxygen Percentage of the Chamber Gas Output (Dry): 9.8%

  15. Control mode: Automation control Interface (PLC+PC)

  Scope of Supply

  We supply the whole Medical Waste Pyrolysis Incineration Equipment from loading system to the chimney, which is consist of:

  Loading system (2) incineration system (3) incineration gas cooling and purify system (4) wind supply and discharging system (5) discharging system (6) oil supply system (7) water supply system (start from the inside wall of workshop) (8) soft water equipment system (9) electric supply system (start from power distribution cabinet of the workshop) (10) control system (11) alarm system and emergency processing system and Security, anti-explosion system (12) chimney, etc. (13) gas on-line monitor instruction system (provided by user)

  The instructions of process of medical waste pyrolysis incineration system

  The process of this system: put medical waste in transient room through loading system into pyrolysis gasification incinerator, put around 6tons one time. Then close seal. When the temperature of the second burner up to 850℃,fire the waste on the bottom of the incinerator meanwhile bring air which is less than theoretical quantity(0.3-0.5),the long-chain organic compounds in medical waste will soon split as short-chain flammable gas (hydrocarbon, carbonic oxide , hydrogen)for anoxic environment. The flammable gas go into premixes and mixed with excessive air together into the second burner and proceed high temperature peroxide(excess air coefficient 1.8) so as to burn completely, thus the molecular structure of poisonous and harmful substance will be completely destroyed. After the reaction is discharging system. This item is two parallel furnace form (A and B) , when A incinerator is almost finished then B incinerator will be on fire and start pyrolysis, thus in steady operation, gas output is stable and can self ignition in pyrolysis process. Oil consumption in premixes can be ignored.

  The high temperature flue gas after incineration will go into the after heat boiler through cooling, so the temperature will be reduced to 550℃, then the gas will go into half dry quenching acid removal equipment be cooled down very quick as in one second the temperature will be changed from 550℃ to 200℃,meanwhile to wipe off the acid gas from flue gas to ensure there will be no gas dew in subsequent line and equipment. And the water spray inside half dry quenching deacidification tower will be completed evaporation, so there will be no mud and clod formed by dust deposition and also no more waste water go out. The spray water after being heated becoming water gas which will go into the back end equipment together with flue gas. Then spray carbon active and ground hydrated lime into the pipeline this absorbent will mixed with flue gas homogeneously and will be deposited in the bag of bag-type dust remover thereby become dust net, this net can absorb heavy metal, dioxin in flue gas and disacidify deeply. So through this way, the flue gas was de-dusted by bag-type remover and vent environmentally through chimney.

  Economic and technical index calculation


  Processing medical garbage 10T/D,continue runtime 24hours a day !

  Operating expense

  The system installed capacity about 160Kw

  Consumed raw material cost

  Consumed raw material cost including oil 、election、water、waste gas process material consumption。Raw material price according to local price level,the following accouting for reference :activated carbon 15000RMB/T、lime 200RMB/T、diesel6500RMB/T、Electricity0.7RMB/degree ,water 0.5RMB/T






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