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2020 Mobile microwave disinfection equipment for medical treatment equipment made in china

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  Microwave Treatment Equipment For Medical Waste

1.Medical Waste Microwave Disinfection Management Technology Background


  ★Microwave technology is one of the widely used medical waste management technologies which is proved after medical waste incineration. This microwave technology has been applied in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries since 1990.

 ★ Compared with the incineration, low construction and management cost, little difficult in the reaching management standards, highly accepted by the public, no requirements of the international convention, so there is a chance for it to develop in the whole world.
 ★ In order to promote the application of non-incineration technology in China, in 2006, Ministry of environmental Protection issued technical specification of medical waste microwave disinfection project.

2. Features of Medical Waste Microwave Disinfection Technology

  ★ Our medical waste microwave disinfection technology has pioneered the acceptance of new innovation for the    management of medical waste disposal in the most environmentally sound manner and with the benefits of cost-savings as well.

  ★ As our technology doesn’t emit any harmful emissions, an operation using the Microwave Disinfection Unit (MDU) remains unaffected by more stringent regulations for waste water and air pollution control measures.

  ★ MDU is a single self-contained equipment module that can be installed be operational in less than one week from arrival to site. The MDU only requires power connections to become operational. Site preparation and costs are just a fraction of what would be necessary to support an incineration system.

3. Technical Principle


  3.1First, Technology Principle & Features

Microwave is the electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is 1mm to1000mm. The frequency of it is between several hundred MHz to 3000MHz. There are two kinds of microwave frequencies: (2450±50) MHz and   (915±25) MHz, which are used in disinfection. Microwave can generate heat when it passes   the medium and absorbed by the medium. The generation of heat is generated through the billions of vibration per second, vibration producing heat. The heat can make the protein of pathogenic microorganism in the medical waste deformation and solidification so that to cause the death of pathogenic microorganism and make the medical waste harmless. The aim of safe disposal is reached then.

  3.2 Second, Technology Features

 Ⅰ. Microwave disinfection technology takes advantage of short disinfection time, fast speed, powerful penetrability, uniform temperature inside and outside,  energy-saving, good disinfecting effect.
 Ⅱ. In the microwave field, cellular structure is destroyed, thus the material balance in and out the cell is damaged to cause the death of cell.
 Ⅲ. The combination of microwave and vapor makes the disinfection effect powerful.
 Ⅳ. There are no emissions of dioxin, odors and no waste water

4. Main Equipment Detailed Parameters


5. Specification


6.  Process Description


7.  Final Residue

 7.1Medical waste generated by Collection of all types of medical waste various medical institutions


7.2Collection of all types of medical waste


7.3Turn into inert garbage/ Landfill or incineration for power generation


8. Scope of application





8.3Commercial waste services


9.  After-service

★ Purchaser will be notified of coming to the manufacturer for preliminary acceptance of equipment within two weeks before equipment delivery, watching equipment operation on site, and attending at basic training at the same time, and then attend at more detailed training after the equipment is installed and commissioned.

★ Maintenance and care cycle of the equipment is one year; any malfunction repair expenses incurred within one year after acceptance shall be borne by the Chinese party and any faults occurring after one year shall be repaired by a person assigned by the Chinese party at the purchaser’s cost.
★ Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects in equipment and components when used in normal condition, operated by competent personnel, and in accordance with our instruction for operation and maintenance with no alternations to the original equipment.
★ Chinese party shall actively cooperate with purchaser in its action plans; when a purchaser intends to
purchase equipment and Consumables, Chinese party shall assign full-time staffs to cooperate with the purchaser. To request repair or spare parts under warranty for defects, You must submit a written notice within one month before the service request.

10.Company profile


Hubei Kebos Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. The industrial continuous waste tire and waste plastic cracking production line independently researched and developed by the company adopt slow-temperature atmospheric pressure catalytic cracking process ,which is safe, environmentally friendly, low-cost and high-efficiency. Under the premise, industrial continuous operation is realized, and waste tires, waste plastics ,municipal solid waste, medical waste, etc, are transformed into sustainable high-value-added energy products.

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