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吴中medical waste pyrolysis plant

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  medical waste pyrolysis plant

  (Including microwave sterilization and pyrolysis machine)


  Medical waste has strong infectivity、biological toxicity and causticity, it will effect pollution to headwaters、atmosphere、soil and direct harm to human if it is disposed improper.

  Many country pay more and more attention to how to handle medical waste. Now in China, the common systems in used are: Medical Waste Destructor System、High-temperature. Steam System and Micro Wave System, however here is no one system can process the medical waste completely: secondary pollution , high expense to operating and filling,

  there is no successful market model. Medical waste microwave Sterilization and pyrolysis system as a new high-end U.S energy saving environmental protection machine,

  it`s combined the top medical waste micro wave processing technology and Shangqiu Donghe waste plastic pyrolysis advanced energy saving environmental protection technology,

  ending the history of processed medical waste was landfill only all over the world, this joint technology leads revolution:

  medical waste is no longer occupying the lands, and we can get new energy, medical waste treatment problem is solved perfectly and completely.

  We offer a whole solution with "design+product+technology+service" for customers including Project Design, Machine Manufacture, Engineering Service, Technology Support.

  B. Design Specification

  1. Object: Medical Waste (and some industrial wastes)

  2. Capacity: Ten tons per day

  3. Ingredient Analysis: Without ingredient analysis, we’ll consult other factory


  4. Type of Furnace: Microwave Sterilization + Pyrolysis machine

  5. Effective volume (Pyrolysis Furnace): 40m3/φ2800×7100

  6. Daily Operation Time: 24 hours

  7. Annual operation Time: Over 330days (8000hours)

  8. Gas Amount of Pyrolysis Chamber: 5000m³/h

  9. Gas Output Temperature: 600℃±20℃

  10. Feed Mode: Mechanic

  11. Slag Discharge Mode: Hydraulic Mechanical(less than 80℃)

  12. Burning Efficiency: ≥99.9%

  13. DRE: ≥ 99.9%

  14. Oxygen Percentage of the Chamber Gas Output (Dry): 9.8%

  15. Control mode: Automation control Interface (PLC+PC)

  It adopts structure of hydraulic hoisting, microwave disinfection. With capacity of 750kg/h, sterilization rate of 99.99%. The hoisting device makes the hopper with medical wastes hoisted to the feeding bin. The door cover plate of the feed bin would open at the same time; wastes materials coming to crushing device, at the same time start the microwave disinfection equipment and transportation device. And then storehouse door cover plate automatically shut down. When material-crushing disinfection is finished, being delivered to the material container outside. The workers will take the containers to hoists for the pyrolysis equipment.





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