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吴中living garbage incineration generator system

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  A .Introduction

  Our company is one of the key enterprises of environmental protection industry, is an enterprise engaged in the investment, construction and operation of the environmental infrastructure and dedicated to manufacturing and developing environmental protection equipment. We are the professional company which researches and makes the waste incineration and medical waste incineration machine. And we are the first company in our field in mainland of China which obtains certificate of Green Star issued by Environmental Protection Ministry of China.

  Principle of machine:

  Use the sophisticated waste incineration technology with advanced equipment, to keep environmental priorities, energy-efficient , building an Municipal Solid Waste incineration power plant with "advanced technology and engineering".

  B.Project Overview

  1. Disposal objects: MSW ( Municipal Solid Waste );

  2. Nominal capacity: 700 tons / day

  3. Investment mode: BT (build - transfer)

  4. Total Investment(Reference proposal): Approximately 59million dollars(red line)

  5. Incineration process: grate furnace (The three section mechanical reciprocating grate furnace);

  6. Operation time: 24 hours per day, the annual operating days is more than 330 days, the annual operating time is more than 8,000 hours

  7. Material characteristics: According to the government regulations, the low heat value of waste incineration plant is higher than 5000KJ

  8. flue gas purification process: semi-dry acid removal tower + active carbon spraying device + bag-type dust remover;

  9. Waste residence time: 1.5 ~ 2.5h

  10. furnace center temperature: 1050 ℃;

  11.The low heat value (design value) of feeding waste: considering LHV has the growth trend in the 5 to 10 years, and waste has been dried in the waste bunker. The low heat value of the waste into the furnace is designed to 5020kJ

  12. Auxiliary burning fuel: 0 # diesel ( two preheat combustion chamber and combustion on the lower heat value waste);

  13. incineration system Main technical parameters

Technical parameters
Domestic limits
Flue gas outlet temperature(℃)
Flue gas residence time(s)
Combustion efficiency(%)
clinker ignition loss(%)
Second combustion chamber outlet flue gas oxygen content (dry flue gas)(%)
Surface temperature of the furnace(℃)


  C.Treatment System Process Description

  Waste was pushed by the feeding grate combustion from the hopper into the incinerator, incinerating in the combustion chamber. Slag after burning was removed to the slag pit through the ash extractor, high temperature flue gas generated heat through radiation and convection is used to generate steam, then into the flue gas purification facilities. Flue gas purification facilities comprised of the reaction tower, bag filter, activated carbon, hydrated lime injection equipment, and finally released into the atmosphere by the induced draught fan through the stack.

  D. The total production consumption

  1. Power: ≥1000kw/hour in total (but it is not every device start at the same time)

  And the buyer should equip suitable power considering of other electrical equipment.

  2. Consumption for water: no less than 45m³/hour(45ton/hour) in total, 24 hours the waster consumption is about 1300-1500 tons per day.

  (the buyer should consider the the water for fire-fighting purpose)

  3. Space for whole plant : about 50000 square meters.

  4. Workers ∕ shift: 55 workers, including production workers and management.

The brief economic benefit analysis

  E. The test of exhaust





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